Compliance Solutions That Also Enhance Sales

Compliance Solutions

Numerous regulations govern the life sciences and healthcare industries. These include the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DCSCSA), Ohio’s TDDD License Validation, and other state and federal guidelines regarding the distribution of prescription drugs. To comply with these laws, companies need valid and reliable information regarding healthcare providers. These laws and other regulations, along with the realities of working in the competitive healthcare market, mean companies rely on information solutions to ensure their workforce is both compliant and efficient.

Accessing Healthcare Provider Data

When distributing pharmaceutical samples, meeting with healthcare providers, or scheduling meetings with practitioners and specialists, sales representatives require accurate contact information, as well as licensing validation, at their fingertips. By utilizing database solutions, sales reps can have the information they need quickly and easily.

In addition to needing accurate address, phone, and licensing data to remain compliant with drug sample distribution, precise specialty information can provide your staff with essential sales tools, as well. When your reps can have instant data verification via phone or from an online portal to verify HCP licensing and specialty information as well as healthcare organization contact information, they can increase sales and make better use of their time.

The Importance of Accurate Addresses

Because the delivery address is a vital compliance piece for drug sample shipping, having accurate shipping information is an essential component for pharmaceutical reps. MedPro and others offer solutions to verify delivery addresses for all your HCP clients, ensuring your samples are dispatched to legitimate practitioner office locations. These solutions work well with Direct to Practitioner (DTP) programs and are validated through state license databases as well as other sources.

License and address verification processes can significantly decrease your product shipment holds, improve your customer profiles, and advance your staff’s compliance with DCSSA regulations. Keep shipments moving and your warehouse working efficiently by using the best, most accurate healthcare practitioner information available.

Electronic Tools for Life Science Solutions

When all your tools are integrated into one suite of applications, staff can accomplish more in less time, increase productivity, and advance sales significantly. Working with a partner who offers essential compliance solutions along with necessary administrative support as well as up-to-date licensing and contact information solves multiple problems with one system.

Browse MedPro’s business website to learn all about their information system solutions for natural science industries. They offer technologies to support your team in multiple ways, including turnkey solutions for compliance, reporting, administrative tasks, and much more. As the industry leader in healthcare licensing data and solutions, they are ready to serve the life science and healthcare industries who need solutions to their data challenges.

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