Common mistakes to avoid & things to follow when buying diamond by Rick Casper Diamond

Common mistakes to avoid & things to follow when buying diamond by Rick Casper Diamond

Investing on a diamond is no doubt an expensive thing and thus one needs to be very diligent when it comes to shopping for a precious gem like diamond. Most of the first time diamond buyers tend to make a lot of mistakes when investing on such precious gems. However, there are certain vital points that must be followed when investing on diamonds so that one can reap the maximum benefits.

Rick Casper Diamond: The professional diamond gemologist offers tips for the first time diamond buyers

A customer will shop for the diamond either through a traditional jeweler or by purchasing it using online portals.  Diamonds are usually available in varied shapes, sizes, and qualities and even the prices as all of these directly depend on 4Cs. In certain cases, the customer may decide to purchase from the jewelry store or from the online jewelry store based on their service and selection. In any of these cases, a lot of things need to be considered.

As a proficient diamond gemologist, Rick Casper Diamond states that the below mentioned points must be followed when it comes to purchasing diamond:

  • It is always better to shop around as every store offers a varied range of diamond pieces and apart from this; different stores specialize in different sizes, shapes and qualities, so one must find a seller that caters to their needs.
  • Another mistake that most of the first timer diamond buyers make is that they buy a diamond that they first see when they visit a store. However, it is always important for the buyer to ensure that do not allow the salesperson sell a diamond instead they should buy one as per their requirement.
  • Always compare GIA certified diamonds from one store with GIA certified diamonds of other stores. A buyer should never compare GIA certificates with other certificates when it comes to buying diamond.
  • A buyer should not buy any diamond that they cannot verify which means that they should not buy diamond rings or earrings in which the diamond is set already. This is because in such type of cases it is just not possible to know the size, color, or clarity of the diamond accurately.
  • Always ask for the original certificates rather than the Xeroxed one as small flaws that are showcased on GIA certificate may not show up on the Xeroxed copies.
  • A buyer should not make the mistake of investing on the wrong diamond at the wrong price at the wrong place. As stated by Rick Casper rightly that buying a diamond should be a magnificent experience and one should be smart enough to start off on the right track.

These are some of the important tips to refer to when buying a diamond for the first time.

Besides working as a diamond gemologist Rick Casper Diamond also serves as a adviser to many young individuals who aim to work with precious stones like diamond. He has a student who is presently enrolled in the Graduate Gemologist Program at the Gemological Institute of America.

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