Clover Mini with Clover Cash Register

Merchant account solutions

Clover is one of the best Android POS systems for businesses which want a customizable system. Through its app market, you can easily find integrations for loyalty programs, inventory, reporting and more. Clover is a scalable system that can be used by businesses of different sizes including those which are already located in multiple places.

Clover has five different options for POS hardware which can be use for multiple devices type for your business – Clover Station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, the new Clover Flex and Clover Go. You can use your Clover Go with your Android Tablets and phones. Purchasing Clover POS hardware is always the best yet less expensive but your ability to do this and prices you pay are determined by the payment processor which you choose to work with. Now, coming to Clover Mini, it is a full featured POS in a pint-sized packaged. It is cloud based software which enables you to manage your business track revenues, inventory and able to generate reports from any type of internet accessible device.

Clover Mini is not just a credit card reader but more than this. You can get several business building features for which Cover is known for, the ability of adding optional applications to customize your systems. The Clover station is a sleek point of sale system that that is available on the First Data platform, is on higher demand for businesses that need the features and functions of a full of POS system. The Clover Cash Register is brushed aluminum with white accents and also a matching tablet display with receipt printer that complete the basic POS hardware package.

The POS system has all the management features we looked for, though some are available with higher services tiers or as integrations. However, Clover has reporting tools, so you will need a reporting app to get the hourly sales report that will ultimately help your busy and slow times and product mix report that shows most profitable products and best selling products as well. After all this business facilities with POS hardware another important part of your business is transaction or payment process. Payment processing is a critical aspect. Data and transaction security is the vital point for any businesses. So, keep your business data, payment transaction secure with the help of the Merchant Account Solutions. We know credit cards are the backbone of any payments. Merchant account solutions enables merchant to accept credit and debits at the physical point of sale. They are the critical components of POS system. In fact, e-Commerce industry which is a booming industry also allows merchants to connect their inventories and services with billions of targeted buyers around the world. Our resources will help you to get started with this helpful and powerful as well as exciting opportunities.

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