Choosing The Right Field Marketing Company

Choosing The Right Field Marketing Company

In the digital and internet age, it seems that most of the shopping we do is online from the comfort of our own homes, but huge industries still operate primarily in face-to-face sales and field marketers work with these brands to provide analysis, strategy and promotional campaigns to their operations. Field marketing is a complex and broad industry which involves marketing f2f with customers.

The biggest industry to employ field marketers is the food and drink industry, where promotion of new products, engagement with new brands and promotional strategies lie at the heart of consumer to brand interfacing. Marketing interaction with customers in the field can help place new products from existing brands at the forefront of their offerings, creating interest around new ranges. Promotional strategies formulate the best way to introduce customers to new products through initial promotions and product sampling or demonstrations that further customer interaction with established and up-and-coming brands alike.

Field marketing is a big sector involving complex relationships between data analytics, physical marketing and brand strategy and finding a field marketing company appropriate to your brand or company isn’t straightforward. 

There are many steps involved in developing an efficient and useful marketing plan.

Survey and auditing

Any good field marketing company will first look at your company’s per-existing data and look to supplement this with new, well-targeted information about your company’s finer workings. Typically, field marketing companies gather information on a brand’s sales and profit and the sales trends associated to that, stock levels and input/output and effectiveness of promotional efforts and customer interaction. Assessing these stats is vital for improving return at every level of the brand’s operations. Due to the uniqueness of modern brands and store configurations, choosing the right field sales agency is essential, with agencies like Tactical Solutions taking the helm when it comes to correct assessment of the finer nuances of a company’s statistical make-up.


Implementing the conclusions drawn from your brand’s data in the field is the next step to streamlining sales. There’s no good in having a large array of accurate data and no way to use it to effectively boost sales. Implementing a field marketing strategy takes diligence and care to ensure it’s effective in stores individually as well as in stores across regions, nationally or internationally. Through a combination of targeted promotional strategies, involving face-to-face field marketers getting customers involved with a brand, targeted deals on selected stock and their position throughout the store and effective stocking of selected items based on trends, field marketing agencies can implement their audits to help maximize your profits.

The right field marketing agencies will supply specialists to the field to identify marketing opportunities and opportunities to implement face-to-face engagement within stores. They can train teams to communicate with customers effectively and train them to present areas of the store effectively to garner more engagement with trending items. Field marketers can also look at the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts to advise any adjustments or overhauls of strategy that might be required and ensure that marketing tactics performed in local stores tally up with the overall brand ambition for a consistent message throughout all levels of its operations. Implementing collected data requires a specialist field agency backed up by proven results. Tactical Solutions supplies major brands with an effective audit-implementation stream that’s suitable for most complex field marketing tasks.

Mystery shopping, sampling and brand reputation 

An effective field marketing agency will also work with you in other areas like mystery shopping, where mystery shoppers act undercover to collect insights on your brand and information on the face-to-face contact, providing an objective collection of information pertaining to your brand.

Providing sampling services in store or the on street is an extremely effective method of increasing engagement between the customer and new or existing products. You might think it old fashioned but statistics show how incredibly effective it can be.


The vast plethora of offerings from field marketing companies means that using a proven, high-quality services ensures the interconnectedness of the various ins and outs of their services. Having a consistent, multi-platform service which focuses on consistency pays dividends in returns. Currently, some of the world’s biggest brands work with field marketing agencies to provide just that, and with a complete portfolio of services to their name with proven results, they can elevate your sales and brand’s field enormously.

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