Top 5 Advantages of Booking a Banquet in Dwarka

Banquet in Dwarka

Since India has a rich cultural heritage, therefore, a number of festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year. To celebrate any event or special occasion, you always need to arrange so many things like venue, food, catering facilities, decoration, and much more. Talking about the venues, it is the main and focused requirement when you have to arrange any event or party. A venue booking always depends upon the total number of guests. So, always make sure to book a venue that is spacious enough that every guest feels…

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Interview Tips – Avoid These Common Resume Mistakes To Land A Job

businessman working with documents in the office

There has been prescribed certain rules for effective resume writing. Many people have this notion that failing to follow these rules and standard format can make you even lose a job. There are some outdated myths that are not true. Learning about them would help you prevent them in your resume writing. Failing to focus on what employers want Each and every candidate wants to create a resume that exhibits their experience and skills. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for the employer. Not paying attention to what the employer is…

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