What Are the Reasons behind Investor’s Preference for Mutual Funds in India?

Mutual Funds in India

When it comes to considering investment options, the abundance of choices apparently pushes one into a dilemma. Be it stocks, shares, bonds, or government securities, everything has its presence and offers different advantages. However, out of all the options, mutual funds in India are one of the most favourite choices of investors. Lately, there has been a hoard among investors to invest in mutual funds. The question here is, why mutual funds India is considered so much by investors more than anything? Undoubtedly, mutual funds let you invest your money…

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Top 5 Reasons why you Should Use an EMI calculator for home loans

home loans

You are on the brink of availing a home loan to fund your dream house. But, wait! Don’t choose a loan product before checking it out with a Home Loan EMI calculator. Find out the benefits of using this tool and save big on your home loans. Planning is a crucial element in all our endeavours. Whether it is about investing in a property or buying your dream home using a home loan, careful planning is essential if you want the odds to work in your favour. Very often, hasty…

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Why Financial Planning is needed for Retirement?

Financial Planning is needed for Retirement

Meeting financial goals may prove to be a race against time. If you fail to accomplish this aim, it is evident that you may run into obstacles. Hence, it is important to learn about smart investing and how to build wealth till you retire. In this blog post, we will tell you about why you need financial planning before retirement. It helps you to pay off your liabilities – Financial planning is all about knowing different avenues of investment for different stages of life. For example, your short term goal…

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How does Mutual Fund SIP work?

best mutual funds for sip

Mutual funds are one of the most popular forms of investments nowadays, especially with the increasingly affluent middle class. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) has proven to be a classic investment model, where the investor can keep investing a small amount on a regular basis (a month, half-yearly, or annually) to create wealth based on his/ her risk appetite. Benefits of SIP SIP makes an investment a lot easier than what actually it used to be. Generally, the money is invested on a monthly basis. SIP has made an investment into…

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