Best Hotels In Zurich

Best Hotels In Zurich

Zurich is a beautiful city offering plentiful picturesque sights and some heart luring attractions. Planning a vacation in the Zurich is surely a great option and if you are planning so, then make sure that you stay in any of the below mentioned hotels for a hassle free and luxurious stays.

  • Baur Au Lac

Baur au Lac is a phenomenal retreat for anyone who wishes to visit and experience Zurich from close proximity. It is located in a park of its own and it offers a great sight of both The Alps as well as the Lake Zurich. The reliability of the hotel is evident from its age of around 170 years. Large windows in almost every room of the hotel along with the complementary minibars are the cherry on the cake. Apart from that, the hotel houses its very own chocolate line, car garage and repair shop. From florist to wine boutique, the hotel is complete package, housing even a rooftop fitness gym. Visiting the hotel isn’t much of hassle for anyone, at it is made easier with Zurich airport transfers, that offer absolutely amazing deals.

  • Widder Hotel

The next hotel on our list is the Widder Hotel which is located in the most historical place of Zurich, which is the old town. Although the hotel is located in the middle of the entire city but the decorations and interiors of the hotel are completely rustic and classic. The hotel is equipped with over 42 suites in total which are all featured with white coloured interiors, accents, wooden beam ceilings, and minbars. Other attractions including the Nespresso machinery, Wi-Fi, and some other special touches including bedside LED lamps. The hotel provides a free complimentary breakfast lunch and also, a dietician that can workout your diets. The best part of the hotel is 24 hour open gym and library.

  • Park Hyatt

The hotel is located in quite close proximity of both the Lake Zurich and an exceptionally amazing shopping area; Bahnhofstrasse. Both of these places are special attractions of the city and are visited by a number of tourists every year. The hotel is equipped with a large olympus spa and fitness complex, that offers a wide range of services ranging from sauna, steam bath and gymnasium. Anyone who visits the place from the business point of view experiences free wifi, meeting ventures and a 24 hour business centre. Park Hyatt houses a wine library having around 3000 bottles of wines. Also, there are innumerable bars and cafes present within the hotel, one of which also offer hand rolled cigars for the visitors.

  • The Doler Grand

When it comes to the Doler Grand hotel, it has always been the top most priority of most of the visitors. Also, you can reach the hotel without much of a hassle by making use of the airport taxi and you can take a taxi to airport for reaching back even. It comes with a cave like indoor pool, Spa, and gymnasium. Apart from that, it is situated on the hill tpo which makes it even more outstanding amongst the others.  

Choosing out hotels while planning a trip to a city becomes a bit daunting at times. Therefore, we’ve created a list of some of the most decent hotels that are worth a while in the Zurich city. Equipped with all the basic and even premium amenities, all these hotels are must try.

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