Benefits of Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

Benefits of Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

In this age of automation, when every industry and even day-to-day chore is embracing the benefits of having an automated work procedure, the automotive industry as a pioneer of such concept couldn’t lag behind. Now with the introduction of automatic transmission, the latest cars are doing wonders on road. At the same time, manual transmissions too are continuing with their contribution, though in a slower pace, as few buyers still prefer to drive with manual transmission.According to the Boise Toyota dealer, the popularity of automatic transmission is rising at a jet speed and a curious mind would always want to know why. Here are a few basic reasons, why driving an automatic transmission looks beneficial to the majority of car enthusiasts.

Fun to Drive

Automatic transmissions are made to work of its own. It is crafted specially to lift off the pressure from the driver and who doesn’t have fun, when driving becomes more of a pleasure activity than a struggle to make the rides smoother. In other words automatic transmissions is bringing fun in the act of driving by reducing the amount of driver involvement, while driving.Thus, today a vast majority of cars sold around the globe are automatics. Manuals, on the other hand can be seen dying with a handful of cars that are mostly rare to find and that stick to its a low base price.

Safer Driving

Not all drivers are skilled and responsible. Thus cars with manual transmissions might face a lot of accidents, in case a driver fails to engage the right gear, apply the clutch and brake in time or use the shifter to prevent unintentional rolling. On the contrary automatics are much easier to drive. The driver need not worry to use the clutch or shifter and control the vehicle solely by himself. The transmission would automatically take charge of the situation, and the car would keep rolling just the way it should.

Less Frequent Maintenance

As automatic transmissions do not depend on the driving style to carry out its tasks, the chances of wear and tear are less. even though the replacement of an automatic transmission parts would be costlier than the manual ones, the requirement of taking it to the mechanic would be much lesser than that of the manual ones, as the transmission works mechanically without any human intervention. Thus another advantage is added to the benefit of using automatic transmission.

Fuel Economy

The Boise Toyota dealer experts say that that Manual cars hadbetter fuel efficiency than automatics, as the weight is lesser and have fewer RPM’s while driving. But with time the latest automatic transmissions are having features like variable gears because of which the automatics have become equally economical.

Resale Value

As manual cars are fading away from the running market of cars, the appeal of the automatics is rising at a great pace.Thus when it comes to selling out a car as a trade in, or for moneythe automatic vehicles would hold more resale value.

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