Become one with Holi madness

Become one with Holi madness

This article presents a simple guide to dressing up for Holi, with some ideas on online Holi fashion shopping.

Holi is just around the corner, and you couldn’t be more excited! The festival of colours is also one of your favourite festivals, and you just can’t wait to go out and play with your friends and family.

But wait – have you bought some stunning new Holi dresses online? You will need to look your best on this important day, so let’s get shopping.

Dressing up for Holi

You might feel that dressing up in your best for Holi is quite redundant. After all, you’re going to get colours and water all over your clothes, so new clothes will be completely ruined. You have a point – but not entirely. Holi dressing up has less to do with what you wear than how your clothes make you feel. Drab old clothing will not freshen your senses or invigorate you. How’s this for an idea – when you’re about to go out to play, wear clothing that you bought last year and were about to discard anyway. After you’re done playing, you can wear new clothes and head out to meet your family and friends.

You will need gorgeous new clothes for the Holi after-party – so shop today and be prepared well in time. We suggest looking up new styles in Holi dresses online – it could be an ethnic kurta-churidar set, or a sprightly skater dress. Men can choose between simple kurtas or go semi casual with chinos and shirts.

When you shop for Holi dresses online, choose colours and fabrics that will suit the timing of the festivities you’ve planned. For example, a white or cream kurti is elegant for the morning hours, while a glamourous red or maroon dress is just right for the night. Online Holi fashion shopping sales are also pushing a lot of cashback offers and heavy discounts on clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and make up – so you’re just in time to grab some really great steals!

Getting ready to play Holi

This is for both men and women, so pay attention: as much fun as playing Holi is, it is unsafe for your skin and hair. So before you head out, do take some basic precautions, such as –

Apply sunscreen: You will need to protect your skin from sun damage while you enjoy the festival. Slather on sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) and rub it firmly into the skin. Follow up with moisturiser.

Moisturise your skin: Both men and women must moisturise their skin before heading out. Repeated splashing of water and the Holi colours can dry out your skin and cause rashes. This is one day where you could actually apply a layer of cold cream on your skin too, to add an oilier layer of protection to repel water. Another benefit is that the moisturiser acts like a barrier between colours and your skin, so the colour will be easier to wash off post the festivities.

Wear waterproof make-up: Ladies, if you must wear make-up before playing Holi, please ensure that you pick waterproof eyeliner and mascara – or it will get wet and run into your eyes.

Oil your hair: Oil repels water, so apply generous amounts of oil on your hair before you play. The oil also keeps Holi colours from drying out your hair.

Now all that remains is, to enjoy the festival. Here’s wishing you a Happy Holi!

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