Beat The Stress Of Moving Into A New Home

Beat The Stress Of Moving Into A New Home

There are few things in life more stressful than moving from one home to another. In fact, surveys have revealed that many of us consider it more stressful than a divorce (though it’s worth bearing in mind that not all the respondents to said survey will have been through a divorce).

The major source of stress at this time is that many moving pieces must neatly coincide with one another within a very short space of time. Since many of those pieces are beyond your control (the people you’re buying the house from, and the people to whom you’re selling your existing home).

Fortunately, there are ways in which we can identify and combat sources of stress, and ensure that the situation is kept under control. Let’s look at some of them.

Keep things under control

To keep stress to a minimum, it’s vital that we consider how to get the move to be as efficient as possible. Hours of unnecessary work are, after all, certain to contribute to your stress levels. By eliminating this work, you’ll ensure that those stress levels don’t rise in the first place, and thus fighting back won’t pose quite such a problem.


One means of combatting stress is becoming increasingly popular, though it’s not a new innovation by any means. For centuries, people have been meditating in order to obtain peace of mind. And yet, in our secularised society, it’s still treated with a healthy dollop of scepticism – and even scorn.

With that said, recent evidence points to the fact that those who practice meditation are more focussed, happier, and more emotionally stable. Moreover, it’s thought that through the practice of meditation, these qualities can be fostered and even improved-upon. This link is sufficiently well-established that the NHS even have a page devoted to mindfulness meditation, a popular form of the practice.

It’s worth keeping an open mind to the practice of meditation, even if the idea feels faintly ridiculous. Just consider how a person in the 1930s might have responded to the suggestion of going for a jog – not in order to train for a sports event or to get anywhere, but simply to be healthier. Today, everyone who aspires to be healthy does some form of exercise – and indeed, failing to do so is often a trigger for guilt. Perhaps in the future, the same might be true of mindfulness.

Put a playlist together

When you’re just getting everything together on the other side of the move, then you won’t have much in the way of entertainment. For this reason, it’s a good idea to put together a stress-busting playlist. This might feature something typically chilled out, like Enya, or it might be something decidedly not-chilled-out, like Slayer. Whatever tunes help you to focus and unwind, putting them together in a playlist can help take the edge off that move.

Pack an overnight bag

When you arrive for the first night in your new place, things will be fairly chaotic. All of your possessions will still be in boxes, and it’ll probably be too late in the day to start getting them out. But you can’t get ready for bed without certain items, which is why those essential items should be packed in an overnight bag. Bedsheets, towels, toilet paper, pyjamas and underwear should all be stuffed into a bag that you can find immediately, along with a change of clothes for the next day.

Get a takeaway

One thing that you probably won’t be able to stuff into your overnight bag is a meal for the first night. For this reason, take a few moments to scout out the local takeaway, and if possible phone them in advance. If you’ve already visited the area, or you aren’t moving very far, then you should have already found a takeaway you’re interested in. Whether you’re after Chinese, Indian, Italian or fish ‘n’ chips, now’s the time to treat yourself!

Leave feedback

If you’re moving into a new home, then it’s worth taking the time, after you’ve been there for a few months, to complete a new home builder reviews survey. House builder reviews offer an opportunity for those moving into a new property to vent their frustrations about any niggling problems, or single a particular aspect of the building out for praise. If there’s a specific part of the property that’s been causing you stress, then leaving feedback can be a great way to defeat that stress!

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