Bare minimum features to look for when buying a new television

buying a new television

Possibilities are endless. The same is applicable to televisions, and other appliances, as well. You can procure a television boasting fascinating features. But then, you need to pay a price for it. On the contrary, there are buyers who are looking for minimum yet necessary features that should be integrated into a television for decent entertainment.

You can place your bet LED TVs that offer spectacular video quality. But before buying a television, compare LED TV and afterward, finalize your purchase on any online retail store such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, Croma, and others.

Here, we have enlisted bare minimum features that you should consider while purchasing a television. These television features are a must; otherwise, you will regret your decision of buying an obsolete television set.


Resolution is defined as the number of pixels displayed in a particular dimension. For example, Full HD resolution is denoted by 1920×1080 pixels. This is also known as 2K resolution. While purchasing a television, it is important to consider the resolution. The intricate details and refined video quality are highly dependent on the resolution.

You should consider buying a television boasting either HD or Full HD resolution. If budget permits, you can also opt for Ultra HD or 4K resolution television.

Screen Size

Screen size can be considered as the foremost consideration. Truly speaking, you should select a screen size based on the dimensions of the room. For example, if you want a TV for a small living room, a 72-inch television will not be an appropriate choice. It would be like sitting in the first row of the theatre room.

The optimal screen size can be determined by dividing the distance between you and the TV location (where you will install the television) by 1.5. Let’s say the distance is 6 feet or 72 inches. Divide it by 1.5, you will get 48. Therefore, the optimum screen size should be 48 inches.

Smart TV

Entertainment is incomplete without internet. Your favorite movies, shows, music, and games are available online. In this case, internet connectivity is a need rather than a choice. However, you can opt for non-smart TVs but the smart ones are not too expensive nowadays.

Smart TV enables you to activate live streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Besides these, there are numerous apps as well. This is dependent on the operating system as well. If the OS in the television is Google Android, you are bound to experience superior entertainment options.

Ports and Connectivity Options

If your priority is to connect a gaming console, a Blu-ray player, or a sound system, the television should have necessary ports for connectivity. The most important ports are USB, 3.5 mm jack, HDMI, DVI, and VGA.

Make sure that there are multiple USB and HDMI ports so that connectivity is not a problem. USB ports are important to plug in flash drives so that you can watch your favorite movies and shows.

Refresh Rate

To witness the smooth transition of frames in the video, it is important that the refresh rate of a television is at least 60 Hz. The refresh rate is denoted as frames per second. Hence, to avoid blurred images, a high refresh rate is important.

For example, during an action scene, everything happens swiftly. A higher refresh rate will ensure that the details are not compromised.

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