Avoid These Dressmaking Mistakes Which Make Your Projects Look Homemade

Avoid these dressmaking mistakes which make your projects look homemade

If you fancy dressmaking then it is a brilliant way to make things you like, without the expense of purchasing in a shop. It is also a great way of showing off your sewing skills and making one-off creations. However, this can all unravel if you make basic mistakes that will make your outfits shout ‘homemade’. Here we look at what not to do when you are making your own clothes.

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According to the Guardian, more than one million people have taken up sewing since 2014. The popularity has apparently been driven by television programmes and tutorials that are available on YouTube. However, if you are planning to use your sewing skills to make your own clothes then it is important that they look handcrafted rather than homemade.

Straight lines

While you might be very keen to cut your fabric once you have chosen your pattern, it is important to measure the pattern against the fabric rather than doing it by eye. The eye can be deceiving and it might not be as straight as you think, which will ruin the final garment.

Hems and seams

Hems and seams will add the finishing touch to your garment. It is better to take the time to work out what sort of hem would be best, rather than rushing because it is the end of the project. Hand sewn hems always look better. Even though they are on the inside, seams are equally important as if they are not done properly they will start to unravel and will definitely make your dress look homemade.

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Picking the wrong fabric

While you might not want the exact fabric on the photo that comes with your pattern, it is important to at least use a type of fabric that has been recommended, otherwise, you run the risk of your garment looking homemade. Using the Internet to source the right sort of fabric is easy and you can buy cotton fabric online from a company such as Higgs and Higgs as well as other fabrics suitable for dressmaking.

While not exhaustive, hopefully, this has informed about mistakes made while dressmaking and will help you to ensure that your projects look like something people will admire and want to wear themselves.

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