All You Need to Know About Access Control Systems

importance of access control system

Gone are the days when doors were secured by locks and were accessed by keys. The security method that was in use for centuries has finally seen its end. Though a lot of commercial and residential spaces still use this traditional technique of securing their houses or workspaces, they are now relying on something far more advanced to ensure complete protection and safety.

Considering how important security is when it comes to running a business successfully, you get to understand the true importance of access control system. Access control system is nothing but an electronic safeguard that allows access to only specific personnel. These authorized personnel hold a card or a badge. This grants them access to a certain floor or doorway.

Certain floors and doorways are secured with “Authorized Personnel Only” which means these are highly secured. Fictionalized as a utopian and futuristic concept in quite many Hollywood movies, this technology has finally found its application in the real world.

Why Are Access Controls Great Security Options?

The benefits of installing an access control system are far too many, though we will enlist a few of the most important ones. These will tell you why it is imperative to get one for your business.


The classic trick in the book to enter any room was the duplication of keys. This is trick burglars master in their early stages. They are masters of making duplicates. However, when you replace the traditional key with an electronic card or badge, it becomes close to impossible to figure out what would make grant access.

Access to technology that lets you make duplicates of a card key is also next to impossible. This leaves burglars with no chance but to go back empty-handed.


As a rule of thumb, locks were changed often. This was done to disconcert burglars and take them by surprise if they did anyhow manage to duplicate keys. But as time went on, this was noticed to be quite cumbersome. Especially in an office space where people would not be allowed to get in unless the guard entered.

With electronic locks and keys, having complex codes and combinations, there is absolutely no need to change locks. All you would need to do is to change the codes, and you are good to go, without shelling out a single penny.


Not only do these keep burglars and thieves away, but these smart access control systems also work as attendance rosters. They give you detailed information about who came in at what time and for how long. This would help you find out in unfortunate cases where an employee commits malpractices.


In case one of the locks happens to face a technical difficulty, these locks can be fixed remotely by technicians. This saves time for the technician to come all the way. This ends up saving you some crucial minutes also.


Instead of having multiple keys for multiple doors and getting confused which key is for which door, access control system gives you only one key that opens all doors. This saves you the hassle of carrying a whole bunch of keys, and also misplacing them accidentally, if at all.

Technology has revolutionised security systems to an unimaginable extent. Installing an access control system in your business will definitely lead to better security outcomes. Make sure to go for a trusted brand to elevate the level of security you receive.

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