7 Tips on How to Start Preparing for Any Competitive Exam

7 Tips on How to Start Preparing for Any Competitive Exam

Every year thousands of young and old aspirants from all over the country appear for competitive exams or selection exams to either gain entry into an esteemed educational institute or land a lucrative government job. However, it is usually not easy to clear these exams and many have deemed that preparing for these exams is the most difficult task. Besides, the syllabus is vast and questions asked in exams are mostly tricky and thought provoking. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

That being said, if you are struggling in getting ready for the competitive exam and looking for ways to crack it, then this is the article for you. Here we have put together some of the useful tips that you can follow to have the right preparation strategy and succeed in any competitive exam. Let’s begin.

Develop the Right Attitude

Now that you have decided to appear for the exam you should develop the right or positive attitude and believe in your ability to clear the exam. You need to be always motivated to learn new things and gain conceptual clarity about the different topics in the syllabus.

Know Everything about the Exam

Here you need to firmly decide which exam you will give. Once you have done that you need to learn everything about the exam like the requirements or eligibility, exact selection procedure, the steps involved etc. Exams could also be written based test or physical test, computer based tests and even face to face interview. After researching about these things, you should prepare accordingly.

Preparation Material

Today, thanks to the internet, you will find a lot of preparation materials online. One important thing you should remember here is that you should pick the right preparation material which covers all the important topics of the syllabus. The material should align with the format and style of the questions. Notably,  if you are looking for maths solutions then you can check out RS Aggarwal Class 12 solutions to prepare well for the exams.

Understand the Syllabus

After you have decided which exam to appear for, you need to understand the syllabus completely. Doing this will basically help you develop a comprehensive preparation strategy. By knowing the syllabus you will get an idea about the important points, question pattern, marking schemes and much more. After going through the syllabus, prepare a dedicated study timetable for the exam.

Create a Proper Schedule or a Fixed Time Table for Studying

Planning is important. You should create a fixed time for studying along with both short term and long term goals. Having a systematic time table will help you be disciplined and not lose focus.

Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Tests

Apart from reading the content, practicing questions is very important. You should look at previous year sample papers and solve mock questions. This will help you to test your knowledge on the subject and when you check the results you will have an idea about your preparation level. You can try solving RS Aggarwal class 10 maths questions and see how you fare in the test. In essence, you should work on your weak areas and if necessary repeat the process. Meanwhile, you should also start making revision notes as these will help in last minute preparations.

Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy Both Mentally and Physically

It is very important to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally during exam preparation. Get enough sleep, exercise frequently and eat right. Doing this is directly proportional to the final outcome.

These are few tips that you can follow and prepare effectively for the competitive exams. If you want information on competitive exams you can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn more.

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