5 Steps to Lose Weight with Diet Pills


Every single person either men or women wanted a good and fit physique. For slim and skinny people its not a hard task but for obese people it really a hard job to perform. Those people who tried all kinds of weight loss pills and waste mosyvof their time in gym and other workout buy does not lose a single pound. Here are some tips to lose 20 pounds without diet pills and exercise. I know its sound weird but it’s true.

3,500 calories combined to form one pound so if you want to lose one pound you have to burn 3,500 calories. Exercise is good for our health as it burn fats but its not necessary neither weight loss pills.

Here are some steps you should follow if you want to shed some pounds without exercise and weight loss pills.

Step#1 :

Eat Non-calorie food :

Eat food which have low calories. Focus on eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat fresh products which are rich in protein and fibres. Drink water in between your meal to help you fill up your stomach.

Step#2 :

Avoid Cold Drink & other Beverages :

Beverages like cold drinks, wine, fruit juice are very common in recent times and people are taking them with their meals or after their meals. These beverages contains a large amount of calories which can makes you fat. Drink water, tea and other non calorie drink instead of such beverages. The best way to full your stomach is to drink one or two glass of water before meal.

Step#3 :

Use Smaller Plates :

Serve your meal in small plates. If you eat food in small plates you will take less and if you want to eat another plate you can. Due to this you don’t feel as deprived, and your mind also tell you that you already eat too much and now its enough.

Step#4 :

Avoid Stress & Sleep Well :

Another way to lose your weight without exercise is to sleep well amsavoid any kind of stress. Both have an effects on your weight and mental health. Leptin is a hormone which regulate appetite due to lack of sleep this hormone disrupt. Another hormone is present in body called cortisol, this hormone also elevated due to to stress. Disruption of these hormones can increase your craving which ultimately result in increase in weight.

Step#5 :

Eat Food Slowly :

Many researchers says that, when you eat your food slowly you can decrease your food intake. When you eat your food stomach send signals to brain whether its full or not, and brain needs time to process so chewing your food and wat your food slowly will increased fullness and decrease food intake.

In a nut shell :

There are many ways to lose weight without changing your regular diet plans and without any exercise.

If you really want to lose weight just adopt these simple steps, use smaller plates, eat more slowly, drink water and avoid cold drinks and other beverages.

Many people adopt these simple methods to lose their weights. I know it’s not easy for everyone but at least its safer than those weight loss pills and you also don’t have to waste your time in gym and workouts.


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