How to deal with extensive water damage to your home

extensive water damage to your home

If you’re the owner of a cute and elegant older home, you’ll know that there are many benefits of having such an historic place in which to live. But you’ll also be aware of the risks that living in a property like that can pose, and not least among them is the possibility that those old pipes which creak and groan in the night may burst and inflict untold levels of water damage to your property. If you live in an area that is at risk of flooding, such as…

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All you need to know about equity mutual funds

equity mutual funds

It is a popular myth that investing in equity mutual fund guarantees returns. Here are the statistics that prove it otherwise. More than 44 percent of open-ended diversified equity mutual fund schemes did not perform. Nine schemes under-performed their benchmark indices and 31 schemes under performed by five to ten percent. These stats are putting such schemes under the scanner. So, does that mean an investor should not invest in such schemes? Well, it doesn’t mean that.  But an investor needs to learn a lesson that not every actively managed…

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Different kinds of systems available for cooling industrial units

cooling industrial units

There are many different kinds of processes going on in the industry based on the kind of manufacturing unit. It is required that all these processes are undergone in a controlled atmosphere so that there is no overloading or overheating issues. Due to continuous processes, there is a continuous generation of heat in the industry. Many factors are affecting the generation of heat in the industry. It can either be due to mechanical friction, overloading, and excessive strain in member and so on. Different kinds of lubrication and de-stressing materials…

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