2017’s Biggest Festival- La Tomatina

Biggest Festival- La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a festival in which every person has a desire to go to once in his lifetime. It is also known as the world’s most fun festival’. People from all over the world gather with their friends and family into the small town of Bunol, Spain; just so they can enjoy the 1 hour of the tomato smashing festival.

La tomatina is more of a memory that  thousands of people are re creating for the past decades; a memory that happened accidently by some teenage boys is now the highlight of Bunol. Little did they know that their incident will be written in history.

The celebration day of the La Tomatina festival is fixed, it is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of the month August. (The accident also happened on the last Wednesday of August). Like every year, the La Tomatina 2017 will be celebrated by thousands of people from all over the world, on the 30th August.

The main highlights of this world famous tomato fight are the people, the tomatoes, and all the fun. Around five thousand local and 18-20 thousand tourists gather around in Bunol; that is a teeny town 25 miles west of Valencia. The huge lot of people gathers in the main square called ‘Plaza Layana’ and wait for the tomato trucks to arrive.

The tomatoes that arrive at the main square of Bunol, Spain comes in six large lorries. Those tomatoes cost around $33,300. All the people enjoy and have the best time of their lives, making those $$ worth it.

Everyone from all around the world wants to experience the tomato squashing festival, and for that, they book their tickets as the month of August starts. But, due to the fact that the amount is fix of people that can attend the festival; many people don’t get to go to Spain even if they book the tomatina festival tickets.

La Tomatina 2017

This year marked the 72th anniversary of the famous La Tomatina; there were a number of 22,000 people from all around the world took part in the tomato fight. Things got a lot messier this year as reported by some attendants. Many people wore goggles and rubber slippers, so the tomato pulp doesn’t get into their eyes, and the slippers, so they stand on the ground and don’t fall off because of the slippery tomato floor.

Many revelers were found soaking red and covered in tomato pulp all over. No offense why this festival is the ‘world’s biggest food fight’.

Like every year, this La Tomatina 2017, people enjoyed to the fullest and did their best to make this day as memorable as they can. You can also watch the live stream of this year’s tomato squashing festival.

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