7 Incredible Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Learn at High School


We all have learnt some amazing science facts in high school like Einstein’s theory of relativity, DNA replication and the Periodic table. The knowledge we all pick up from there sets the foundations for the things we go on to study. But the real fact is science doesn’t end at high school, once you take your learning to the next level things get interesting. In no order, here are some mind-blogging incredible facts about science that we didn’t learn at school, but we all wished we did. Because I certainly would have…

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Pinoy TV show: WildFlower

Pinoy TV show WildFlower

Wildflower is one of the widely known Philippine television series. It emerged on screen in February 2017. Because of the catchy storyline involving drama, romance, politics, action and thriller it draws a plenty of audiences. A compassionate heiress Ivy Aguas is the highlighted character of this story who intents to take revenge from a high-powered and corrupt Ardiente family. Aguas is looking for justice for her died parents. Wildflower is one of the shows featured on Pinoy Teleserye TV Network. Pinoy TV has always spotlighted the social issues faced by…

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