The Best Beaches Near Ahmedabad

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    With the longest coastline of 1666 km, the beautiful territory of Gujarat is home to a few pleasant shorelines and sanctuaries. Known to be a magnet for tourists every year, Gujarat shorelines enable you to appreciate a get away in nearness to Mother Nature. There are a few staggering shorelines in the state which offer awesome breaks from the clamouring city life and let you unwind in the faultless magnificence sheer nature and the beautiful waves. Book cabs in Ahmedabad and tour the city comfortably. Dwarka:You can visit…

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2017’s Biggest Festival- La Tomatina

Biggest Festival- La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a festival in which every person has a desire to go to once in his lifetime. It is also known as the world’s most fun festival’. People from all over the world gather with their friends and family into the small town of Bunol, Spain; just so they can enjoy the 1 hour of the tomato smashing festival. La tomatina is more of a memory that  thousands of people are re creating for the past decades; a memory that happened accidently by some teenage boys is now…

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