Great Mesa Island Facts to Find in Exploring Mesa Island

Exploring Mesa Island

Indonesia has many great places to visit for holiday. Even, spending years will not enough to enjoy the whole great tourism spots offered by this country. If you have a whole week to spend for holiday, then there are many destinations. If you love to see great nature, then Komodo National Park can be good choice for holiday. This national park has become the home of Komodo dragon. This is the home of ancient lizard. As its name, it is the only ancient lizard that can survive from the natural…

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Ideas How To Enjoy Borneo Nature Explore

Borneo nature explore

If you thirst of interesting travel time, Borneo natures explore will give you what you want. Many people maybe have not heard about Borneo nature, or Borneo Island itself. Borneo Island is Island in Asia with the most part of the land is green rainforest. The Borneo Island has very wonderful nature because the vast green rainforest that cover the land. The vast rainforest on Borneo Island itself is the lung for the world because most oxygen in the world comes from this forest. Beside it, Borneo rainforest is the…

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