Your children will love the new Airtel V-fibernet broadband connection that helps them stream videos, access study material and maximise the digital medium.

Nothing is ever too big to achieve when it comes to the happiness and wellbeing of your children. You give them a great education, buy them expensive clothes and books, plan foreign trips for them and do everything in your power to make them responsible, well-adjusted individuals. But have you done one basic thing to help them study better and get more information?

Have you got them a broadband Internet connection?

Why your children will love their new fibre broadband connection

Fibre broadband connections are fast and suffer minimum outages. Their primary component is a fibre optic cable instead of the conventional copper wiring. Thus, they offer higher bandwidth for faster speeds and always-on connectivity. Plus, they are sturdier and can be laid over longer distances, which enhances the network quality of the connection.

Airtel broadband connection

Your children need access to high speed Internet with zero lags for their school and college assignments and project work. Most modern learning methods employ the digital medium for the latest information and data. While the best schools offer Internet access to students, your children must have the same at home as well. The broadband connection can also help them stream videos and recreational material to watch over the weekends. Plus, they can live stream sports matches from their study or bedroom instead of using the living room TV for the same – so everyone’s happy!

We recommend getting the Airtel broadband connection for a host of benefits that the entire house can enjoy. Here are just some of the features and advantages of using Airtel broadband:

  • The widest spectrum currently employed by an Indian service provider, thus giving Airtel broadband connections unmatched bandwidth. This results in a staggering 99% uptime and zero network outages.
  • Access to the revolutionary V-fibernet broadband for your home. It offers superfast top speeds up to 300 Mbps. Never wait for video buffering or experience stalled downloads ever again!
  • Each broadband connection makes you privy to a huge amount of monthly data (ranging from 40 GB to 1,200 GB depending on the plan you choose), 5 options in 1 month, 6 months and 12 months plans, unlimited STD and local calls, one-year free Amazon Prime membership, unused data rollover every month, bonus data for signing up before March 31, 2019, and easy purchase options over the Airtel website or smartphone app.
  • Upgrade your current broadband plan or choose a different plan at the time of paying the bill.
  • Easy bill payment options and quick, hassle-free installation.
  • Excellent post-sales customer service.

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