10 Best Interior Ideas to Redesign Your Home

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Why Redesigning a Home is Attractive?

Redesigning a home can make the appearance like a completely new place, whether it’s a house, condo or an apartment. This can be a redesign of one room or every room from adding new accessories or recovering furniture. The finished product can be exciting as it begins to emerge.

The best 10 Ideas

Recovering Furniture and Additions

Choosing new fabric

Choosing new fabric to have furniture recovered by a professional or making covers, these can be permanent or they can be slip covers. The important thing is to choose the right material since not all materials are equal. Material made for furniture is a thicker weave that can hold up to the daily abuse furniture takes. Covers can also be purchased or made to fit dining chairs to give them a regal look that can fit the most intimate meal or the full dinner party


Throw pillows can add a new look to furniture and the room, these can be in one color or complementing colors. They can be purchased readymade or fabric chosen and filling for the pillow. In the latter case, the material can be of furniture grade material that will hold up to use and stay looking good for an unlimited amount of time. The other benefit of making throw pillows is they can be made square, rectangle, body pillows, round or tubular shaped. This will mean they can fit the furniture whether an elegant style or a style made for comfort.


Drapes can give a room a new look and purchased ready-made or made from quality material in solid, patterned or floral. Drapes are an important element in a room not only for the effect it gives the room, but to keep drafts out in cool weather and the sun out during hot weather. In bedrooms or rooms with a television, it is essential to have drapes made of material that can keep the light and the sun out. This allows for comfortable sleeping and can keep the glare off televisions.

Quality Material

Furniture quality material can be used to make bed drapes for an elegant and romantic bed from the Victorian era by adding a top frame on the bed. This can be done using furnishing fabric which is a heavy weave or it can be done with a more sheer type of fabric to fit the style of the room or how the redesign is going to make the appearance of the room look.

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Accessories for Effect

Woven baskets

Woven baskets can be found at reasonable prices and can add a rustic look to any room, including the bathroom. In bathrooms baskets, can be used to hold items that are used daily, to hold towels and to hold fancy soaps and bath salts. Baskets can be used in dining areas to house napkins and flatware, bread and rolls or other items. In living areas, baskets can hold magazines, children’s pillows and blankets they use while watching television or other items including remotes. 

Trays, bowls, and candles 

Trays, bowls, and candles can add flare to any room. A gold or silver tray with something as simple as a teapot in a dining area can make the room more formal, in the main living area, it can hold a crystal vase with flowers or arranged candles. Bowls of wood, glass or metal in silver, bronze or gold can be filled with fancy pine cones, gourds, seedpods and these can be mixed with potpourri to give a fresh or perfumed odor in the room. Candles in holders of glass, wood, silver, bronze or gold can be color coordinated. This can make a room appear romantic or comfortable depending on the presentation.


Fresh flowers can make any room elegant, but arrangements of silk and dried flowers can add year-round arrangements. The silk and dried flowers can be used in arrangements and can be used in wreaths to hang indoors. Wreaths can have flowers, ribbon, small decorated birdhouses and other items. They can be large or small to fit the place they will hang. Another idea to make a room serine and interesting at the same time is waterfall table top or wall fountain. These can be found in different artistic works, sizes, and colors that make is a nice choice for any room. Even hanging on the wall, it is a simple matter of securing it and having an electrical outlet nearby for it to be plugged in and water added that will continuously reticulate until it requires additional water or cleaning.

The Creative Redesign Projects


The creative person can use fabric in ways that others may never think of like using it for wallpaper on a wall, creating a wall hanging or in a child’s room to construct a permanent tent. Fabric can be used to make an outer shower curtain in the color desired and as plain or fancy as desired.

Dining Area 

Some rooms have the perfect wall to put a wall size picture these are like wallpaper and can be of trees in a forest, star systems, people, and other scenes. This can make a dining area look elegant or like a bistro. In a bedroom, it can give the appearance of opening to a forest. There are also solar systems and stars that can be put on the ceiling that does not show up during daylight hours but come night the ceiling lights up.


A little woodworking experience can make a big difference when redesigning a room. In a child’s room, a bunk bed can become a tree house. Even without a fireplace, a mantel can be hung in a living area, dining or bedroom. Underneath the mantel can be one of the many electric fireplaces to give the appearance of having a fireplace without the actual installation, but also supplement heating costs or warm cooler rooms in the home. A mirror can be hung in a room depending on the size of the mirror it can make the room appear larger.

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